The Outside the Business Box’s Podcast

Season 1 Episode 5 Why Being Certified in Any Industry Matters with Marshall Peters from Certified Chimney Professionals

November 1, 2019

Why Being Certified in Any Industry Matters

The quickest way to grow your business is to get certified in your industry. It is amazing why more business do not take this step in learning their own industry. I admit as you will hear I did not get certified in the chimney business until many years of starting. 

I am the first one from experience to tell you that once certified you can and most likely will double your business! It's that much of a "game changer"!

Episode highlights:

  • Why get certified, I am a Master Certified Chimney Technician
  • Results from being certified with a few stories on how it makes a difference
  • Integrity display
  • Something to learn from a Mark Twain quote: It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You Into Trouble. It’s What You Know for Sure That Just Ain’t So

Great episode for one example of how to get your business moving and improving. 

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